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Key Abilities

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Key Abilities

Post by Billy N. on Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:43 am

Celestial Ozy

Celestial Ozy is Billy's unique power that he got after being turned into one of the Gods of Egypt and this power allows him to control and shape and manipulate the skies and cosmos with heavenly influence and so on. He doesn't have any set abilities in the traditional sense since powers back then weren't based on how many you had, but the one that made you who you were.
Due to Billy having this power, he is seen as a good person in the eyes of the Gods even though he had another side to him, they've seemed to trust him with the power and allowed him to use it as he saw fit.

The Sphinx Of Abu El-Hol

This isn't so much of a power more so it is a summoning and what this is, is the actual summoning of The Sphinx Of Abu El-Hol and this summoning allows Billy to transfer his powers into it and fire off laser beams that can leave a permanent burn on the earth and kill any normal person.

The Mesektet

This is the boat of the Sun God Ra and now of Billy, who uses it to travel the skies and in short anywhere, he pleases. Billy himself doesn't know the full details about the boat itself, but he does know of the mission he's tasked with every day.

Divine Guidance

Billy as smart as he may be is accompanied by a Divine force that the Gods didn't grant him, but it brought itself to Billy and for what reason is unknown, but what it does it guides Billy though things and acts as a second voice when he doubts his own. This being is neither male nor female and yet takes on both appearances when needed. However, since Billy loves women, the being takes on the form that is pleasing to see and talk to and when a much harder voice is needed it takes the form of a male and so on. As to who the being is unknown to Billy currently.

Billy N.

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Re: Key Abilities

Post by Chusin on Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:46 am

-Allowing this because Billy is a plot-driven character and isn't actually apart of the main rank groups.-

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