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Twin Abilities: Generator and Divine Gate [WIP]

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Twin Abilities: Generator and Divine Gate [WIP]

Post by BriniaSona on Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:41 pm

Solar Energy Generator
The Ability to use the Solar Reactor's pure Solar Energy to build and destroy anything he wills, as long as resistance is not met.

Divine Gate
The Divine Gate allowed BriniaSona to gain all information about whatever solar energy and it's light struck. Thus he gained 65,000 years worth of data just by existing inside this realm. This information is statistical, historical, biological and always true and is presented to him in the form of books he stores within a Gate.

the gate can only be accessed by someone who the Pure Solar energy has accepted, and anyone else will have their mind overwhelmed with information.

Within the[Divine Gate] there lies a white void who's gravity grows by 25% every 10M you get from the [Divine Gate]. Within this void of pure solar energy, about 2KM away, there floats a massive tower connected to the[Divine Gate] by only a single rainbow bridge. At the end of the bridge living in this tower is the Solar Reactor, BriniaSona. Here he exists in his void of pure Solar Energy watching over his small floating island while gaining as much knowledge of the Dominion of Heroes universe as possible.


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Area Location : Divine Gate and the Realm of Pure Solar Energy
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