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The Black Bleed

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The Black Bleed Empty The Black Bleed

Post by Memento Mori on Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:54 am


The Black Bleed

The Black Bleed in itself is a vast pool of raw dark and negative energy that stems from an unknown source while being the main power source for Mori herself; she uses this dark energy for whatever purposes she sees fit since its capabilities are only limited by her will itself and imagination for a lack of better words.

The Black Bleed is a corruption of The Bleed itself and rather than drawing on the unique special aspects of the user i.e their good traits or personality, it draws on the negative aspects of their personality and uses it as a power source or catalyst to send its power through to power the user, there is no clear explanation on what exactly happens or what The Bleed even is, but it's a source of power for some of The Ten.  

It's unique properties and features are as the following-Curroption, possession, transformation, cloning, copying, mimicking, crushing, disassembly and much more, those are just the tip of the iceberg; think of The Black Bleed as a pool with a lot of stuff in it and can be reached into at any given time no matter the problem.

Judgement Cut

The only ability that Mori ever uses with her Katana. The Judgement Cut is highly offensive and definitive since it combines her speed and skill into one to deliver 100 slashes to the enemy and space around; the attack itself is enough to cut someone into pieces, but that's not what the main thing is, the main thing is the cuts themselves cut the very being of the person and kills them permanently. The cuts cut the death lines around the person as well as anything since everything is living and everything can be killed, so Mori doesn't have to actually cut anyone, all she needs to do is cut the death lines and the person will be presented with death instantly and even if death doesn't apply to them, the concept of it will be put into them and they'll still die.
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