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Home at last

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Home at last

Post by Chusin on Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:31 pm

Well being let free from The Creator, Chusin made her way back to her home of which she'd hardly been in except that one time when she slept with Ena and all that good stuff; she had come back to just relax and unwind after the long day she had and all the things she'd seen while being one with The Creator. She'd seen so much in such a short time and he head was spinning and she needed a rest from it all, all of the mess that took place in such a short time, she just wanted to relax and forget about her past few days.

Once she got home and made her way inside she just fell out on the couch and wasn't getting up any time soon, she was drained and needed this little rest.

"Sleep sounds good now."

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Re: Home at last

Post by Scathach on Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:59 pm

"Not often that I come here, however, I suppose that's because I've never been here."

Scathach watched as Chusin slept, she didn't wake her, she simply sat there and watched herself sleep for as long as she needed to, it was weird to some but she found watching people sleep to be informative in many ways. She ran her fingers Chusin's hair while humming softly to herself, the tune was from her childhood and always helped her dream good dreams so this was a good time to hum.


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