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The Hierarchy

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The Hierarchy

Post by Chusin on Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:02 pm

So I didn't think I needed to make this but it seems like I have to so people can understand where they stand when their with or around other people that aren't on their level or the same level as them in a sense that being on the same level doesn't mean you have the same level of training or skill and so on. So the hierarchy is a system that ranks and places people in an order based on their ranks and skill levels and so on, this hierarchy is something that's set in stone and isn't subject to change like other things depending on the situation at hand, however, for now, its set in stone.

If someone is above you in rank, which would also mean they're above you in skill and training as well, you really have no means to defy them or anything they do shocking as it may seem, this isn't saying you can't get the pull on someone that's higher rank or more skilled, but its unlikely that you'll pull a fast one. However, if the person is far above your rank and skill cap, you ain't pulling anything, your powers don't stand a chance of doing anything aside from wasting your energy if you chose to actually pick a bone with them.

The Hierarchy is just a simple system to keep people in check and get them to respect the other person's skill level and rank versus them acting bigheaded because they think they can just do whatever because they can; this also applies to high ranks and skilled people as well, they have to respect people above them and so on.

Thank you. If the time calls for change this will be changed but currently, its just a means to get people in line with where they stand. If it's not clear, I can try to make it a clear as possible.

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