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The Pure

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The Pure  Empty The Pure

Post by Scathach on Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:23 am


Scathach is a pure magician in every sense of the word and encompasses the very aspect of the pureness that comes with being the pure magician. She's called the pure magician because she was the first person to use magic and in some cases even being the one to create it and bring it into the Omniverse itself but no one really knows the truth aside from her. Her magic is pure in the sense that its the rawest form of magic that anyone could use and is of the highest level and due to her being the only one to use magic in its pure form (Outside of the Ten) it allows her to use any and all forms of magic regardless of its typing and makeup and so on.

Being able to use pure magic gives her the authority over all forms of magic that branch from her pure magic since she was the first anything that comes after it will come from her and so on and will always be linked back to her no matter the case. Her magic is so great that she uses the Backyard to store her massive amount of magic within it since she refuses to alter her body in order to withstand the amount of magic she possesses and another part of having this magic is the knowledge that comes with it since the moment she used pure magic and or created it she was gifted knowledge that reaches the realm of The Writer and yet she hasn't pushed herself to that limit since she finds going that far pointless and thus stores all of the endless information in the Backyard and that's why anyone that enters without help will die, period.

Overall her pure magic allows her to do whatever it is that she wishes to do without fail and gives her many options and outcomes to whatever she needs or wants for that matter. However, she never uses her magic for self-gain and instead uses it to poke fun at people like her which would be the great Ten who are on par with her in terms of power since each of Ten (Not counting herself so nine) have their own unique form of magic and are top level magicians. However, none of the other nine are a match for Scathanch since she's in a league of her own and since she's the source of all magic (Or so it's been said) magic attacks of any kind are useless when used against her.

Magic Item: Spear Of The Ten

The only weapon that she has but is not on her person and is stored within a pocket realm. The spear itself is used to kill those that have no concept of death and will always hit its target no matter where they are or where they run to, once the target is chosen its basically game over. There's no means of stopping the spear once thrown so its best to not be the one having it thrown at.

Area Location : The Backyard
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