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Post by Billy N. on Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:38 am

Name: Billy N.
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6'0
Weight: 190kg
Unique Features: Scar on the right shoulder.
Personal Goals: Varies.
Personal Quotes: "Life is simple, so why make it hard?" "You think you're better than me? Don't make me laugh." "You'd do well to hold your words less you want them to anger me."
Likes: Gold, Fine things, Roses, Paintings of flowers, Long walks in open fields, Painting.
Dislike: Being told what to do, Being looked down upon, Big headed people, Groups, Shameless people and people with huge egos.    

Billy has a very straightforward personality and doesn't beat around the bush with anyone if he doesn't like something or someone or finds something annoying than he'll surely voice his opinion about it and won't hold anything back. He hates anyone that talks while he's talking and hates to be cut off in the middle of a talk, but he only allows some people to get away with it namely females that catch his eye, but males will get the harsh treatment. Billy also takes delight in pleasing himself with whatever he wishes and doesn't care what anyone thinks, you could say he's more about himself than anything which is why he acts the way he does. Now he's not all bad since he does have a soft spot for kids and women and will do what he can to help them when needed, but should they cross him the wrong way he won't reframe from doing things to them. He's overall a nice man until someone pisses him off with their mess and that's when the other side comes out and no one is safe when he gets pissed off.


Bill dresses like a king and carries himself as such. His clothes are made from the finest silk and are layered with gold, but not a lot since it would make moving hard. He also wears gold everything, from his earrings to his shoes, everything gold and he doesn't settle for anything less. It should also be noted that all the gold is covered with fine jewels from the finest places there ever were and are priced in the billions. When he's not dressed in gold one can see that he had a black sleeveless shirt on and baggy pants, but that's only when he's not in the eyes of lesser people and only when he's around people like him.

Personal History

Billy comes from a long line of Pharaohs and is from the direct bloodline of one of the greatest Pharaohs to have ever lived. During his childhood Billy was already gifted in many things only because his family pushed him to be the best at everything and never to take second place in anything he did; he had to be the best and first in all things and nothing else would be good enough. So as one would assume, Billy lived up the expectations of his family and became the best at everything he did and never took second place in anything he did, he was the best painter, the best runner, the best builder and so on.

He was the man with the plan and that made his parents proud and brought great fame to himself and house. However, there was one thing that Billy didn't count on and that was someone else being just as good as him, which was more or less rare at the time, but even with someone who was just as good, Billy proved to be the better one out of the two. So because of that, he set out to make himself even better than he was so that no one could reach the level he was at every again. During his early to late teens, he became a matter of everything he set out to do and everyone knew his name and his actions didn't go unnoticed because his father was watching him and thought that he was indeed worthy to take his place and become the next Pharaoh. So on one fateful day Billy was confronted by his father and heard what he had to say and because Billy was who he was he didn't say no.

Now in his adulthood, he was now the Pharaoh and the ruler of Egypt at the time and ruled with an iron fist; no one dared to attack his people or his city and no one ever tried to take the seat from him. He was a good leader and everyone knew this and respected him for being a good leader, but what they didn't see was the side he kept from everyone and anyone who saw his other side was put to death.After some time had passed he grew sick of being the ruler and wanted to enjoy life and the things he had, but out of respect for his father and mother he didn't give up the seat and kept on ruling for his whole life till it was time for his Ascension. Now at the end of his life, it was time for Billy to take the Ascension test to see if the Gods would allow him to join them in Godhood. So Billy approached the altar and placed his hand on it and waited to be judged by the Gods and after a few days of standing he was finally judged and proven right in their eyes and was allowed to join them. So with that being the case, Billy would now start the transition to Godhood, but a part of him didn't want to leave the world and all his things behind and this is what caused a reaction to take place.

Before he was brought into Godhood the alter cracked and started to fall apart and Billy was in shock because this had never happened before and in a bright flash of light the altar blew up, hitting Billy with the energy that was inside of it.

After a few days had gone by, Billy woke up in his room, he was shocked and didn't know what happened or how he got back here. It was only later on that he found out what happened from the people who saw everything from afar and he also found out that he had become one of the Gods, but remained in human form. So now that he knew this, it was time for him to set out and do what he wanted since now he could rule and enjoy life.
Billy N.
Billy N.

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