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Rule guides and such

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Rule guides and such Empty Rule guides and such

Post by Chusin on Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:22 am

Okay, guys and gals I'm about to lay down the rules or rather The Law in this case so that we can have some type of order around here so people won't do random stuff and pretend like they didn't know what they were doing. So these rules will be listed in numerical order and break these rules will result in temp bans and or permabans; the choice is yours.

1. Absolutely no and I mean no foul speech whatsoever and by foul I mean hate speech and anything that would demean a person and or make them feel bad or less than what they are. Breaking this rule will result in a permaban no questions asked and no warning will be given.

2. Absolutely no Pornography or any kind and that goes for none real pornography as well. We don't need people coming to the site and trying to Roleplay and seeing stuff like that; this does not apply to art pieces if they are being used for the intended purpose.

3. No trolling

Like seriously don't do it. I don't mind a little fun and games here and there, but please don't just troll for the heck of it because you will be given a warning before a temp ban is put in place.

4. No harassment!

We don't take that here; you will not harass anyone on this site at all and if it is reported you will be put under watch. This rule also applies to Admins as well and in reverse, as in don't harass Admins.

5. No drama nonsense

In short, keep your personal life to yourself because no one wants to know or hear about it. Now if you want to talk to someone, please use Pm's to do so, but don't make topics or posts about what's going on in YOUR personal life because it will be deleted the moment its found or reported.

6. No baiting

I don't think I need to explain this, but I will anyway. Baiting is basically saying and or doing something to get someone to react to it in a bad way and we won't be having that.

7. English only please

Please don't make topics of posts in another language. It's that simple.

8. Arguing with Admin

Don't argue with any Admin because at the end of the day we have the final say on everything that goes on with the site, so keep that in mind if you. This does not apply if the Admin has done something to upset you and you want justice.

9. Posting order stays in order!

Do not post before someone else does because that only makes the topic confusing and hard to follow. Whoever was first to post should always be the last depending on how many people are in it unless they say to go on without them.


Do not even think about it and I'm being 100% serious here, do not try to make your character God/god or Jesus because they're not and never will be. Your character is not born a God/god and can not become one in any way whatsoever. I don't care if your story says so, so don't even think about it. We don't need people like that around here because al it does causes problems for anyone that fights them and so on.

11. No Egos

Keep your ego in check because no one likes a big headed person.

12. No Autohitting

Autohitting is, in short, attacking someone without giving them the chance to defend or counter. Example: I hit and kill Bob and that's it. Bob had no chance to defend or do anything. So don't do it, its that simple.

13. No Meta Moding

Basically giving your character IRL knowledge they wouldn't have known in the Rp.

14. No Spam

Please don't image spam, link spam, URL spam and so on because they will be deleted if found.

15. No Blank Topics

This is simply for people who make topics with no actual reason for doing so other than to do it.

15. Don't auto insert

Don't just put yourself into anything that someone is doing without getting their say so in it.

16. No advertisement

Do not try and push your website or add onto this site please. If found out it will be deleted.

These are the rules and I hope you follow them because people will be watching you and waiting for you to slip up. You have 3 strikes before a permaban is given out and in some cases, you only get one depending on what you've done.

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