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Powers *^*

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Powers *^*

Post by Dizzy on Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:49 pm

Darkness Control- While unknown to her, Dizzy has the ability to control the darkness itself in any shape or form it may take since she is infused with the Primordial Goddess Nox or rather half of Nox. Her control over darkness isn't something she's aware of at the moment, but it can manifest itself at any given time should the need call for it and since she's actually the other half of Nox, Nox can do a takeover and use Dizzy's body without Dizzy knowing.

Soul Control- Because the other half of Dizzy's soul was taken by Hades in exchange for rule over a small portion of the Underworld, she had the ability to talk to, see and control souls in the like. However, she's not aware of anything other than the ability to see and talk to them.

Scathan's biology- Because Dizzy is his daughter she's also mixed with that he is which is currently unknown at the moment, but what comes with being what he is, is hyper regeneration or a hyper healing factor that pretty much keeps her alive even is she's badly injured. This is also unknown to her currently since she doesn't even know where she came from.

Scathan's Right Arm- Dizzy's right arm is actually Scathan's right arm and that arm is indeed infused with Scathan's energy and can be used when needed. The energy within the arm is Anti-Energy and it can annihilate anything under the definition of energy from sound too soul, much like Scathan did when he destroyed the universe and remade it. This power is the only one she's somewhat aware of since she's come to see that she can't touch anything with her right hand or else it'll be 100% destroyed completely.

(All is this will come about once she actually gains a better mindset)

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Re: Powers *^*

Post by Dizzy on Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:49 pm


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