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Post by Ena on Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:43 am

Name- Ena B.

Aliases- The bloody one, The ruthless Conqueror, The black flames

Identity- Unknown to most.

Place of breath- The royal city.

Occupation- Killer of dreams, Bringer of chaos.

Known relatives- Father (Dead)
Mother (Dead) Sister (Missing)

Group affiliation- None as of yet

Education- Beyond smart

Physical attributes- Hight- 182cm

Weight- 74kg

Kekkei genkai- Daku Daku Yumi Yumi

Abilities- Vampire abilities  

Weapons- None

Likes- Reading books, Older women, Bring chaos, Learning new things.

Dislikes- Exerting herself, Trying her best.


Ena is quite calm at most times. Tho she hates to work, she only does things is absolutely necessary. You can tell her personality reflects her fighting style: Her moves are quick, but are powerful in their own way. She may appear shy but is really outgoing.


Being born in the royal family, Ena had it all the money, power, girls anything she wanted was right there. Ena's parents were among the richest people alive "Rich as hell" But, that was just the tip of the iceberg, everybody was envious of them because of their wealth. Ena's family became wealthy after discovering hidden technology in some old runes. After discovering how to use the tech, Ena's family came up with an idea, "why not sell it and make a profit from it?" Upon doing so Ena's family became rich, and powerful. As said before many people were envious, and Ena's family was often attacked. But most attacks were harmless, nothing to bad but then some were over the top. The last attack was when the people tried to burn the castle down, failed but still this lead to Ena's father ordering the execution of any who dared defy the throne. Sadly to say that Ena's family would not live to see tomorrow. During the night someone snuck into the castle shrouded in black, and suddenly a knife pierced Ena's father in the heart, and another knife did the same to her mother. As the sun rose a scream was heard, Ena's eyes gazed upon her mother, and father's lifeless body's. Crying until the tears could not fall anymore, Ena screamed for help. "Someone anyone please help, please." The heartache Ena felt, the thought of never seeing her parents again broke Ena, by the time guards made it to the castle Ena was gone. The guards looked around but could not find anything, Ena had left and took her parents with her, the alarm was set off. The whole kingdom was in an uproar, trying to find the king and queen and the princess. But on the outskirts of the kingdom, Ena was digging graves for her parents. After barring their body's Ena heard something, she turned around and saw her! Her eye's widened seeing this person dressed in all black, Ena was so terrified that she could not move. The person in black spoke, and said "Whats wrong you seem like you don't know me." Ena said "who are you" her words dropped and the person in the black removed their black cloak. At the moment Ena's mind snapped, the person in the black was none other then her sister Miya. She told Ena that it was her who killed their parents, as she spoke it seemed as if she loved doing what she did. Ena asked "why would you do this?" and Miya simply said "because I wanted to! I took joy in killing them, the look on their faces, Awwww yes it was so great.Their blood that warm and wet, red sweet blood, I never felt like that before hahaha etc." Ena could not believe that her own sister could do something like this, and feel good about it. Miya asked "why are you crying? It's not like they ever did anything for you, but yet and still you love them ha." Ena's mind had it, she was sent into a dowered spiral, her sister took her and embraced her telling her "I'll never let you go." Being in the state she was in Ena listened to Miya,and in a flash of dark energy they where gone, never to be seen again.

After 17 years passed Ena was all grown up still with her sister, during this long time she realized she had a special power, that power was comet flames Miya already knew of this because she to had that power, and during their time together she taught Ena how to use her power. Over time Ena mastered her power, day after day Ena and Miya traveled from town to town. But after days of walking Miya came to a small village with many people, she was thrilled. A smile appeared on her face as she walked into the village, Ena knew what was going to happen. Boom! An explosion went off, the fire set to the village, Niya was the cause of it. She was using comet flames, she scorched people to death she broke into hoses, killing all who were inside. Ena took no part in this massacre, she just watched; she could hear her sister laughing as she killed people. Miya came across a mother and her two-month baby said: "Well life's a bitch heh." She took the baby and threw it into the air, and with the snap of a finger, the baby was turned to ash. Miya laughed and laughed, she was so happy she spazzed out. The feeling of taking anthers life was just enough for her to get off. Miya looked at the woman and smiled. She garbed the woman by the hair and looked into her eye's. The woman cried but Miya only smiled as she took a blade, and slit the woman's neck. She healed the woman over herself, letting the blood just fall all over her face, her face was red with blood. She licked the blood off her fingers, then her lip's Ena looked on as she saw a kid hiding. The kid ran out with a blade aiming for Miya, Ena would appear in front of the kid, and in the blink of an eye, she stabbed the kid in the face killing him instantly. Miya said "nice job sister", Ena simply said, "Whatever". After the burned that village down the two headed to the next place they could find.

(This is an old Bio I made years ago, I only put it here because I palnned on redoing it. So for now everyone can use this as a means to get a understanding of my character.)

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