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Power Regulation

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Power Regulation

Post by Chusin on Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:49 pm

Power Regulation is, in short, is managing your power supply and stamina or energy or whatever you wish to call it, though it still falls under stamina as everything else does. If you're fighting for a period of time you will get tired no matter what you say or do because no one has unlimited stamina to go on forever aside from The Creator them self, so aside from that, no one can fight forever or keep on using their abilities forever without any type of drawbacks.

If you're untrained and low ranked and wet behind the ear, you won't be able to spam abilities like a madman and you most certainly won't be fighting for a long period of time no matter what you say or do; stamina has to be worked on so that you can do such things as spamming and fighting for days on end. So if you can't regulate your own power someone will do it for you and that'll be that, so to avoid being told you can't go on you should be aware of how much energy you're putting into everything you're doing and you'll be fine.

Thank you. Also, as all things, this is subject to change if need be to fit what needs to be fitted.

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