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NPC Usage

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NPC Usage

Post by Chusin on Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:19 pm

There are a few Npc's that everyone can use for their story advancement or just to train and learn to better themselves and powers, etc. The Npc's are characters that have no impact of the site aside from story related things if its story related they have just as much impact as the actual character themselves; however, giving which Npc you need or want to aid you-you'll have to deal with their own quirky personality and so on.

There's only a few Npc's that have personalities while the rest are just basic 'Do what you need them to do' types and are much more usable if all you're seeking to do is quickly learn some stuff or advance your story, the other ones with personalities will be kind of hard to deal with since they'll be able to think for themselves and act on their own free will.

This is subject to change over time depending on how it works out, but there are some Npc's that aren't really Npc's but can be seen as one since they don't have stories or anything to do but instead act as a story pusher or helper.

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