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Gods and Goddess Gacha!

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Gods and Goddess Gacha!

Post by Chusin on Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:35 am

Now I'm making this announcement because I know everyone has a real liking for having some type of God or Goddess with them or around them and so on. So while your character can't be a God or Goddess, they can go out and seek help from the Gods and Goddesses and or capture them if they so, please.

Now the whole thing about capturing a God or Goddess is that if you do manage to pull it off you can invoke them to fight for you or with you, but let it be known that once you capture a God or Goddess their powers will drop down severely. So for example, if you went and captured Zeus and made him fight for you, Zeus would be much weaker than he would if you haven't captured him.

So it's an even tradeoff since you get the power of a God or Goddess, but in return, their powers are much weaker and won't do as much damage to something as you'd think.

This still a rough idea, so don't put much faith in this since it might not even get pushed through *^*

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Re: Gods and Goddess Gacha!

Post by Chusin on Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:41 am

So after a night of thinking I'm going to go through with the God/Goddess Gacha. So basically people will be able to go acquire the help of the Gods/Goddess or simply capture them for personal use and gain.

Now to do this you'll need to go to a new area that I'll be adding called the Shadow Isles which is a realm located outside of all Omniverses and Omnialities. This is where all the God/Goddess are and will be if someone wants to go attempt to gain their favor or them.

If you wish to enter the Shadow Isles you'll need permission from Scathan the Approver and if he finds you worthy you'll be able to enter the Isles. However, if he finds you unworthy you'll be banned from ever entering.

It is ideal that you be of 3rd, 2nd or 1st rank before you attempt to enter the area or at least bring someone of said rank to help you out.

(This is subject to change over the next few days.)

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