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Old school list

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Old school list

Post by Ena on Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:53 am

Power:Comet Flames>Genetic

Comet flames- Comet flames are one of the strongest types of fire there is, the flames are so intense it can turn rock into ash. The flames are very, very powerful, these flame can also kill the user if they're not careful. The comet flames have a cool ability, the flames can act on their own as in Sena does not need to do anything you could say.

Flame absorption- Sena's flames are able to absorb other firebase elements in which would make her flames stronger, her flames simply eat other forms of fire.

Comet Flame: Sena would engulf her whole body in fire, by doing so she can withstand a lot of attacks thrown at her.

Comet Flame Blitz: Sena would snap her fingers causing friction, as her fingers would heat up she would create a spark in her hands. Sena would then snap her fingers once more causing another spark this spark would light up into a small ball of fire. She would then throw it up into the air, snap her fingers causing the ball to explode sending out a blitz of small fore balls.

Comet Flame Kiss: Sena would kiss her hand and when she does a small fire would sit in the palm of it. She would then blow the kiss sending a small green fireball that would appear by the enemy and then explode.

Comet Flame Wave: Sena would take a few steps back she would then wave her hand sending a green flame wave at the enemy.

Comet Flame Sword: Sena would compress a large amount of his energy into her hand. she would then shape that energy in the form of a sword.

Comet Flame Clone: Sena creates a flame clone of her self and once its killed it blows up.

Comet Flame Triple Kick: Sena drops to the ground then gets in a backflip position she would then flip three-times kicking the enemy while also burning them up.

Comment Flame Dog’s: Sena creates a bunch of flame dog’s.

Comet Summoning dragon: This is Sena’s only comet flame summoning move Sena has. She cut’s her fingers and places them on the ground and summons her flame dragon beast.

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Re: Old school list

Post by Ena on Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:09 am

(A really old list I made years ago, so yeah.)

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