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The Crawling Chaos

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The Crawling Chaos

Post by Chusin on Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:56 pm

During Chusin's trip to the Outerverse she came in contact with chaos itself and one such chaos that made all others seems like specs of dust in the wind when compared and that being was none other than Nyarlathotep, one of the mighty Outer gods that ruled over the Outerverse and who was now using Chusin as an avatar even though it doesn't need to but due to the deal stuck it's doing so. However, the deal was not a favor in a sense that it didn't do this because she asked but rather for reasons unannounced currently and thus Chusin really had no part in anything that took place, she's more or less being used for reasons unknown.

However, since she is the avatar for the might one that does come with perks and those perks aren't many but few in a sense that they can't be comprehended by normal people. Chusin has abilities that dwarf her old ones and everyone elses for that matter since they aren't her own but that of Nyarlathotep, so, for now, she has all the power it has till the deal that was stuck is completed.




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