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More power explaining (Rough idea)

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More power explaining (Rough idea)

Post by Scathan on Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:36 am

Alright guys and gals, it's time to do a little bit more explaining a few things or rather one depending on how much I wanna throw out there. So much like how Chusin explained the three tress your powers will be pulled from and falls under, I'll be explaining just exactly where the powers themselves come from and how everyone has them and so on or at least I'll try to do so haha.

So it's explaining time! Everyone's powers and abilities come from a place called the 5th dimension, a place of pure possibility and unknown; the 5th dimension is everywhere and all around everyone at all given times and it where everyone draws there power from. Its the reason why there are mutations within people and why some people are born with unique powers and others aren't born or with any or have any powers at all.

Dimension 5 or the 5th dimension made its first appearance known when a small baby with mutated out of the blue when it came into contact with the 5th dimension and from there on out its presence started showing up everywhere and in everything. So all powers come from it and were made possible by it, however, there's no actual way to control what effect dimension 5 has on someone. So you may not get the mutation you want or even get anything at birth or get anything at all, it's all left up to chance truth be told.

I hope this explains things a bit or gives you a somewhat basic understanding, I'll go into detail of the 5th dimension as well.

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