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Epic Art

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Epic Art Empty Epic Art

Post by Tymon (Khrona) on Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:13 pm

Power (Genetic)
Epic Art is the power to make art in any way, shape, fashion or form to the limits of imagination. The only real limit is imagination and the dimensional parameters of the realm. This also allows him to use any of his artworks as his power or ability readily.

Tymon can also change into Khrona, his second Pisces side (because I am a Pisces) at any given time, which allows him to use 'Absorption' and 'Hyper Perception' readily.
Tymon (Khrona)
Tymon (Khrona)

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Epic Art Empty Re: Epic Art

Post by Tymon (Khrona) on Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:16 pm

(Tabrith, Natsume, Tabitha)

First Restriction: Cognigeist; Restriction of Mentality


Epic Art Jester_King_by_VirtualMessiah

Restriction 23; The Dream (Cheshire): The Restriction limit of this mask is to suppress and focus the psionic prowess of Khrona's mind through conscious (or Lucid) dreaming, amplifying mentality and psychic power until breaking free of the First Restriction and awakening from the 'meditation'. It will restrict all other functionality save for that of the mind, forcing the mind to take control over all physical actions (walking, speaking, using techniques, moving, etc.) even whilst in a meditative state. To prevent being disturbed in such a meditative state, the mask magnifies psychic waves being released from the mind and amplifies their frequencies exponentially, allowing the user to control all of their actions and mental capabilities in their dreams with utter precision. Being reflective in nature, the mask forces the mind to block and repel all other things that threaten the sanctity of the chosen mind at any time that insists on waking up the bearer forcefully. Thus, the reflection takes control of the attacking threats to the mind and utilize foreign energy as if it were Khrona's own. Because of the high and precise concentration in this meditative state, the psychic power within is maximized when it is magnified so very intensely. Thus, Khrona makes things happen whilst totally unconscious, yet still conscious.

First Restriction Tenseigan; Hyper Inception: The first of many pieces of the complete 'Tenseigan' eyes, being the first upgrade to the most basic ability, Hyper Perception. This upgrade, Hyper Inception gives the Tenseigan the power to perceive all forms of thought and consciousness completely, regardless of mental barriers or blockages, and to also be able to influence them subtly with direct eye contact or infiltration/interaction with minds. This not only keeps the user's mind protected, but also attacks the opposition simultaneously and gets into their minds, even when they think they are protected. It is able to employ not only suggestion and basic mind-raping/shattering 'inceptions, but also always keep his stealthy suggestive influence a secret, even to those who can see into their own minds. It is known as the 'Eye of the Mind.' Once you are subject to the exposure to his mind, you are thereby also subject to what it can do to you, and you are trapped in his mind.
Tymon (Khrona)
Tymon (Khrona)

Age : 25
Area Location : Banned
Posts : 40
Join date : 2017-11-24

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