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The Approver

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The Approver

Post by Scathan on Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:28 pm

Name: Scathan The Approver or Scathan for short.

Age: Ageless.

Sex: Preferred Male.

Weight: Whatever he chooses it to be.

Height: Whatever he chooses it to be.

Aliases: The Approver.

Identity: True identity unknown.

Place of breath: Unknown.

Known relatives: None.

Group affiliation: Ultimates.

Education: Highly intelligent.

Likes: Everything.

Dislike: Everything.

Personality: Scathan really doesn't have much of a personality since he rarely shows it to people, so everyone just thinks of him as a hard to read person. However, he does tend to show emotion towards something depending on what those things are. He's usually a very open person when talked to depending on what the subject is and about.

History: (History will be updated over the next few days since its going to take some time get it all out.)

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