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Ranks and what they are to you

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Ranks and what they are to you

Post by Scathan on Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:32 pm

You are your rank

Your rank is your power level regardless of what you may think and or say, your rank determines the powers you're allowed to have and get. It determines what you're able to do as far as using those abilities and so on; so basically it's like playing a game and you're level 1 and you need to level up to do just about everything.

Rank F-
Rank E-
Rank D-
Rank C-  
Rank B-
Rank A-
Rank S-

It's really simple to follow. Rank F is what you start off as and limits you and your powers/abilities and so on. Being rank F is basically the lowest rank out of all the ranks and from there on is the others. Once you start to rank up you'll be able to do more and get more out of your character because they'll be able to learn new things and have better control over their powers and so on. (Think of it as a game and you gotta level up to do stuff and get/learn new things.) Also, if someone trains you to learn something new you'll be able to do what you were taught, but with limited control over it.
Now the Ultimates is the top dog of the ranks and cannot be challenged by the other ranks no matter which one they are and this is because the Ulitames are the most powerful and thus cannot be challenged by anyone other than another Magistrate.

Now the cool thing about this rank is that anyone can become one, all they need to do is convince one of the three (There can only ever be three) to step down and pass their powers and knowledge on to them. It's that simple.
Antagonist are whatever they want to be and by that I mean they can be a good guy, but they'll always be a bad guy more or less given the choice. They are rogue people who do as they please and only look out for themselves.

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Re: Ranks and what they are to you

Post by Scathan on Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:36 pm

(Updated for the new rank letters.)

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Re: Ranks and what they are to you

Post by Chusin on Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:43 am


So since there are some new updates I might as well say that ranks don't mean anything anymore and are just ways to classify where your character stands within the flock and does not determine your power level and or skill level but it should be known that someone of higher rank will still beat you in a fight since they've been doing this far longer than you and the reason they'd win is that they have experience and that's the key factor in any fight no matter what type of fight it is.

You're not going to beat someone who's been fighting for 30 years just because you think you're some hotshot badass. Now that's not saying that you can't catch them slipping up since it does happen from time to time but don't expect to happen often.

There's also the case of power mastery which plays a huge role in fights since if someone has mastered their powers to the point to whereas they can just effortlessly use them without much thought you more than likely won't win at all if you're not on their skill level truth be told and there's nothing you can do about it except go train to get stronger like them.

(This is just a rough idea for what I'm aiming for and is subject to change)

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Re: Ranks and what they are to you

Post by Scathan on Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:06 pm

New rank names have been made and they still apply the same thing as the only one but with a new name and the names are as followed.

Supreme Beings
Crowns of Ten Rulerships

Each group has its own explanation if you click on the name and the listed ranks in the very first post are still in place just with different names. The ranks listed now are from strongest to weakest except for Antags, Npc's, Villains and Ronin since those are ranks used for different things and aren't tied to the same meaning as the ones above.

Side note, The Crowns of Ten Rulerships are on par with the Supreme Beings and in some cases above them depending on the subject matter.

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Re: Ranks and what they are to you

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